рентген Плевен
рентген Плевен

X-ray control at the moment

The clinic has a modern digital device Planmeca. During the placement of the implants, their position in relation to the structures right next to them is tracked.

During canal treatment, for example, the control of the filling of the canals and their correct sealing is established with an extremely unburdening examination with a digital X-ray. If the root canals are not well filled and this is not established in time, the condition of the dead teeth is getting worse – granulomas are formed, which can lead to a tooth loss and also to general symptoms such as – problems with the heart, kidneys, joints, baldness and so on. Unfortunately, in such situations, in most cases, the patient does not have any complaints about the tooth, which is a source of infection. That is why the control of the canal treatment is of great importance.

The controls the contact between the teeth is made by x-ray – this is the most risky area for new caries. It is important to detect these problem areas in time. Therefore, in our work, the X-ray machine is irreplaceable.