If I have severe sharp pain, does it mean that I have pulpits?

Pulp treatment is necessary when the tooth is so deeply destroyed that microbes and their toxins reach the nerve (dental pulp). After analgesia, the mechanically and chemically inflamed canal contents are cleaned (there are canals in the roots of the teeth, and in them an artery, a vein and a nerve), the so-called extraction of a nerve. When the tubules are clean and dry, they are sealed with materials that are biocompatible and X-ray contrast, i.e. visible on an X-ray. This is important in order to be able to control the quality of the treatment by radiography. Modern treatment of pulpits is carried out in one visit. We work with nickel titanium channel grooving tools. Machining ensures perfect cleaning. These tools can be bent in the shape of curved root canals. This removes the infection to the end of the canal. If working with standard inflexible tools (which have been used in the past), the curved part of the root canal remains unclean. This leads to the formation of a granuloma (a purulent sac at the top of the root). Such a tooth is difficult to treat and often leads to its extraction. However, the patient has no pain and is unaware of the failed root canal treatment. A problem is discovered accidentally on an X-ray. However, granulomas are a depot of microbes and toxins that damage the heart, kidneys and joints through the bloodstream. It is also important to fill the root canals. At Dream dent Dental Center we have equipment for hot condensation of gutta-percha, which is the gold standard as the best way to seal the endodontic space and prevent microbes in the root canals. The control of the canal treatment is very important. It is established with an apex locator and digital radiography with which we must complete the treatment.
Ако имам силна остра болка значи ли че имам пулпит?
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