поставяне на зъбни имплатни Плевен


The "miracle" dental implants!

We are especially happy to see each day the joy of patients with the dental implants, which they feel like their own teeth.

Implants are the modern alternative to the missing teeth. After a tooth is extracted, the edentulous area begins to age and the bone atrophies if it is not loaded (it is not chewed there). This leads to shrinkage of the bone ridges and the appearance of an aging appearance of the face. If implantation is planned soon after tooth extraction, bone aging is stopped. The teeth and the bone that holds them are designed to be constantly loaded with chewing. If the patient feeds on one side for a long time (only on the right or only on the left), the teeth on the other side begin to shake because the ligaments that hold them tight to the bone become weak (atrophy).

When a dental bridge is made, it is necessary to drill the teeth next to the extracted (one or more), although they can be absolutely healthy. The implants restore only the missing tooth, and the nearby ones remain intact.
With patients who have only a few teeth available and they are insufficient to make a dental bridge, a removable denture can be planned, but it troubles the patient’s speech and feeding comfort because large suffice of the oral cavity is covered with plastic or metal. If implants are placed in place of missing teeth, this problem is eliminated. The implantation itself is a short and painless intervention. The implant is placed under local anaesthesia at the site of the missing tooth. After this procedure, the patient has no sense of a foreign body, any pain or any other discomfort.

During the first month after implantation, the patient should appear for several follow-up examinations. According to statistics, implantation is successful in over 98% of the cases. The main reason for failure is poor hygiene of the patient, early loading (chewing) and less often others. The patient has no pain, only it loosen. It is mandatory to maintain excellent hygiene before and after the implant placement. It is usually waited 3-4 months before the implant is loaded (use this area for chewing). After this period of time, the implant is very firmly attached to the bone and the patient feels it as his own tooth.