Aligners are a modern solution for arranging teeth that need small or medium corrections with a fast and predictable result. They are transparent and invisible when worn. They are aesthetic and are made of light and fine plastic, which fits snugly on the teeth. The treatment takes place in several stages. First, impressions are taken and a written analysis of the steps in which the treatment will be carried out is prepared – its duration and price are determined. The final result is illustrated with digital visualization. If desired, plastic models of the teeth can be made. The next stage is the preparation of the aliners. The patient wears new upper and lower jaw aliners every week and visits the doctor for check-ups for a certain period of time. A few months are usually enough to achieve a remarkable result.

The main advantages of the aliners are:

  • They are removable – the patient can remove them whenever he wants.
  • They are comfortable to use – they do not have sharp parts that cause sores to the cheeks and lips.
  • They do not have metal elements – they are invisible when worn.
  • They do not hinder the hygiene of the teeth – when brushing the teeth they are removed and thus the risk of caries is eliminated.
  • Easy maintenance – easy to clean with a brush and paste.