пародонтология Плевен


Periodontal treatment is applied in inflammatory diseases of the gums.

When do we have a periodontal problem?

  • In cases of bleeding gums
  • At a distance between teeth that did not exist years ago
  • If the teeth look elongated, exposed 
  • If the teeth become more sensitive to sweet, cold, sour or while they are brushed

When tartar builds up and deposits on the teeth, they lose their natural smoothness and whiteness. However, this does not only lead to a cosmetic problem. The unevenness of the tooth surface creates excellent conditions for the retention of microbes and dental plaque, and they lead to inflammation of the gums – gingivitis. The gums begin to bleed. Gingival pockets are formed, in which even more microbes are retained, and so on until bone pockets are formed – periodontitis. The next complication, if no action is taken, is tooth loosen and loss. Most often tartar forms on the front teeth in the site of the tongue.

For the treatment of these diseases we apply procedures for tartar removal, closed and open curettage. In more severe cases GBR and GTR – tissue and bone regenerative therapies.

Left untreated, periodontitis affects the whole body, e.g. on cardiovascular disease and diabetes. For this reason, it is very important to conduct special diagnostics and targeted therapy.