What is the difference between an inlay and a fillings?

Inlays are fillings that are made in a laboratory and then placed in the patient’s mouth. They can be made of ceramics, light curing resin, gold and others. They are especially suitable for molars – for example in cases of abrasion (wear) of the enamel on the chewing surface or in larger defects of the tooth. Inlays are a better alternative to crowns because they are gentler – the tooth is not drilled as much as when wearing a crown.
Каква е разликата между инлей и пломба?
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After the completion of skeletal development, after the age of 18, implants can be placed. There is no upper age limit. Relative contraindications are some common diseases, such as – heart, cancer, etc., which require consultation with a specialist before implant treatment.