What is the difference between an inlay and a filling?

Photopolymer seals become hard immediately under the influence of special light. Over the last decade, we have been restoring damaged teeth with such fillings. They are white in color and over the years have proven to be the gold standard in dentistry. They are aesthetic – they have dozens of shades of white and are durable over time. However, it is very important which photopolymer will be used and the technique of its placement in order to achieve the optimal result. We work with quality materials of world-renowned brands and follow a protocol of work to achieve this effect.
Каква е разликата между инлей и пломба?
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After the completion of skeletal development, after the age of 18, implants can be placed. There is no upper age limit. Relative contraindications are some common diseases, such as – heart, cancer, etc., which require consultation with a specialist before implant treatment.